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<![CDATA[Do you think it's evil?]]>Sat, 30 Jan 2021 16:56:05 GMThttp://bbbghosthunters.com/blog/do-you-think-its-evil"Do you think it's evil?" is typically one of the first questions asked at the onset of a paranormal investigation. I understand why clients ask this question, but I don't understand the investigative team's desire for it to be true. For the average person, the possibility of their home being haunted is a terrifying proposition. As a paranormal investigator, I feel that it's my job to mitigate their fears by not sensationalizing their situation.

In my professional experience, demonic infestations and malevolent hauntings are rare. What concerns me is how quickly many investigators jump to this conclusion. Our clients already consider us experts, and what we say carries a lot of weight. Merely mentioning the word "demon" creates fears and skews the client's testimony. I experienced firsthand the anxiety caused when a colleague flippantly said the word "demon." The night after our investigation, I received a frantic phone call from the client, pleading with me to come over after work and rid them of a demonic presence. When I arrived, they had crosses made from yardsticks and were performing a makeshift exorcism. I ended up spending the night on their couch and encountered absolutely nothing. The next morning, they were noticeably embarrassed by their behavior, and I felt somewhat responsible.

Soon after, I instituted a strict set of guidelines. The first was there would be only one point of contact between the client and the investigation team. All the client's questions about the investigation were referred to the lead investigator. By instituting this rule, it gave our team a unified voice. The second rule was that investigators were not allowed to pass cameras around during an investigation. I witnessed too many times the clients' reaction when investigators passed around their cameras to show others what they had captured. The third was that we were never to review our evidence on-site nor discuss our conclusions with the client until we had the chance to review our evidence in its entirety. The last and most crucial guideline implemented was that we were never to mention the word "demon" or "evil" in front of the client until we had a chance as a team to discuss in private the possibility of a malevolent presence.

Paranormal investigative techniques are not proven, and in cases that involve demonic or evil spirits, our options are limited. There isn't much an investigator can do against a demonic presence. Most investigators do not possess the knowledge nor experience necessary to combat such a situation. Investigators often make the mistake of sensationalizing what they have witnessed. Causing unwarranted fear, and in some cases, dangerous levels of anxiety.

If you want to help your client, then you must do everything not to exacerbate their situation. Before you jump to the very worst-case scenario, try ruling out the explainable and the most probable. Remember, a scared client is a hindrance to your investigation. Your client is your primary witness and one of your most important sources of information. Fear will only taint their testimony and skew their perspective. If you want to help your client, do whatever you can to alleviate their concerns. By taking a more sensible and less sensationalized approach during your investigation, you will not only promote your team's success but also help eliminate the sensational and often comical reputation the paranormal community often suffers.

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By Steve Higgins
DECEMBER 05, 2020 1:00 AM ‐ PAR... Read more at https://www.higgypop.com/news/what-makes-a-rem-pod-go-off/]]>
<![CDATA[Shaking Bed Phenomenon]]>Sun, 24 Jan 2021 21:12:06 GMThttp://bbbghosthunters.com/blog/shaking-bed-phenomenonThe shaking bed phenomenon is a very strange occurrence and one I have experienced a few times now over the years.
I have told people of these experiences before and understandably you receive the odd few jokes. However, it is a real phenomenon and it isn’t just me that has experienced it, if you look the phenomenon up you will see many have reported very similar experiences.
The first time I experienced it was when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy in 2009. It had been a normal night here in the UK. I had gone to bed at my normal time and as I got comfy in the duvet and arranged my pillows and shut my eyes, my bed started to feel as if it was vibrating, only slight at first. I laid there, I thought it was just my imagination at first. I brushed it off that it was indeed my imagination and tried to settle again, however, it got much stronger. I sat up and it stopped. I honestly thought I was going mad. I laid back down and settled again and again it started to shake but much stronger this time. I got up, I went to the toilet, still wondering what the hell was going off and trying to explain it to myself in some logical form but couldn’t. At this point I had wondered if it was something not of this world. I went back to bed and settled back down again and again it started but even stronger than the last. At this point, I had out ruled every possible logical explanation and decided to call out ‘If this is something not of this realm please stop’ and indeed in that second it did. I was surprised but glad but also not scared….
This occurred on several nights continuously and in the end I felt I needed to tell someone so I told my mum. My mum thought pregnancy may have been getting to me and laughed it off, so I suggested that this evening she got in bed with me, which she laughed but did agreed.
That night, I went to bed as I normally did. My mum came up shortly after and I said just get in the bed mum and see if it does it. She got in next to me and we both settled and bang on cue the bed started shaking. This resulted in my mum saying ‘OMG Charl, is that you messing about’ and me being very still saying ‘No..No it isn’t’. This continued for several minutes and I said to my mum, ‘I can make it stop, watch’. I called out again for it to stop and on cue it did….
This continued throughout my last weeks of pregnancy and completely stopped when my daughter was born for 4 years.
I have only then ever experienced the same phenomena during the passing of my father (which in due course, I will fully speak about) and is strangely the same week that my daughters birthday was on, other than them two occurrences, it has only ever happened the odd time after a investigation.
So what is it?
There are quite a few theories to why this may be occurring from the supernatural to the logical so I will go through them all, so you can decide for yourself, with some advice a the end.
A Poltergeist!
One theory is that mainly females aged between preteen and teenagers who maybe are experiencing stress, anxiety and differences in hormones can outwardly manifest paranormal activity such as objects moving.
Its a awareness of how open you are!
A lot of people who are becoming more spiritually open, experimenting with their mediumship or participating in meditation practices, have all reported the same thing at the beginning of their spiritual journey for enlightenment. It is thought that whether you are aware you have a mediumship skills or are more open, this is your sign that you may be more open to the spiritual realm than the average person and have a higher vibration and the actual vibration you are feeling is your own and you can feel it and as well as others.
Spirit Contact
A really common thought for this phenomena is that it is actually a spirit trying to communicate with you.
On the cusp of sleep state either at the beginning or end you can end up in a trance state and during this time you can experience hallucinations. Its also during this state people often experience lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis.
Alcohol or drugs
Anything you consume which can affect your normal mental state could have some kind of effect on you and you may perceive the room or the bed that you are in differently to what you normally would.
Be aware of your environment.
Does the area you live in suffer with regular earth quakes? Do you live near a railway track. Is there pipes under the floorboards where your bed is. Check for any item or anything that may be around that could possibly cause a vibration.
Are you hyper sensitive to electrical pulses? Many people who are hyper sensitive to electrical pulses are more aware of electrical frequencies and often get what is described as tingles, when in sleep state this could be felt as vibrations.
Ways to stop it
Influence yourself if you think it is a mental state, focus on your breathing rate and change the pattern. If you think you are lucid dreaming try to touch the wall, if your hand goes through the wall you are dreaming and you can control the dream.
A good night-time ritual, make a calming routine that is peaceful and calming to you which should follow you through to your sleep.
Talk to it, tell it to back off if you are convinced its paranormal
Cleanse your house.
Are you reading this blog because you have experienced this phenomena? If so, please share your story in the comments to let others know who read this that they are not alone in experiencing this either.
Charlene Lowe Kemp
Paranormal Investigator | Researcher


<![CDATA[Sometimes Smudging Isn't Enough]]>Wed, 20 Jan 2021 02:06:32 GMThttp://bbbghosthunters.com/blog/sometimes-smudging-isnt-enoughFrom St Louis Paranormal Research Society  www.seeaghost.com

I get this question a lot from clients: "I had my house smudged, and the spirit came back. What do I do now?" Well, the problem is that your house was cleansed incorrectly." Smudging, the use of burning sage to cleanse a space, is only half the process. The effects of Smudging are only temporary.

I like to refer to Smudging as an "Initial Knock Down" tactic. When done correctly, Smudging will push the spirit out of a home, but only temporarily. If the malevolent spirit has a strong enough attachment to the house, it may have the ability to return after the effects of Smudging has dissipated. After the house is cleansed, further steps are needed to prevent the spirit from reentering your home.

One thing you could do is to place protective crystals in your window seals and above your doors. The best crystals to use are Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Blood Stone, Black Onyx, Amethyst, and Emerald. These crystals will dissolve negative energy and promote a more positive atmosphere. It may also be a good idea to keep one of these stones next to your bed and the beds of your loved ones.

Another method is spreading salt across your doors and windows. In many cultures, salt is a talisman used for warding off unwelcome spirits. By spreading salt across your doors and windows, you are creating a protective barrier. You can also pour salt in the corners of your rooms and let it sit for a few days, then vacuum it up. Salt tends to bind with negative energy, thus neutralizing it. Placing a salt lamp in a room can also help promote a more positive atmosphere.

In the Hoodoo and Voodoo religions, brick dust is a common way to protect against negative energy and evil spirits. By spreading brick dust across the doorways of your home, nothing that wants to cause harm can enter. Also, scrubbing your porches with brick dust is a way of breaking curses and hexes.

For Christians, placing crosses, holy water, and other blessed items around your home can protect you from evil spirits, but I have found this to be a problem when dealing with older earthbound spirits. Sometimes you may be dealing with an evil spirit that does not recognize the Christian religion. Even though Christian icons may protect you personally, they may not do anything to rid your home of the negative energy in which evil spirits tend to thrive. In these cases, it's best to perform a house blessing, followed by one of the techniques mentioned above.

Regardless of which method you choose, the point is smudging isn't enough. And depending on how strong the malevolent spirit's attachment is to your home, several different methods may have to be used to keep your home cleansed. The best advice I can give to someone facing this kind of situation is to keep a positive attitude. Remember, malevolent spirits thrive on negativity, fear, and emotion. Often in these repeating cases, I find that if the client continues to fear the spirit and unintentionally invites the malevolent spirit back into their home.

<![CDATA[Data Review]]>Fri, 15 Jan 2021 21:00:12 GMThttp://bbbghosthunters.com/blog/data-review]]><![CDATA[Should Orbs Be Considered As Paranormal Evidence?]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2021 02:21:57 GMThttp://bbbghosthunters.com/blog/should-orbs-be-considered-as-paranormal-evidenceThere are very few subjects as controversial in the paranormal community as "Orbs." Orbs are the "balls of light" that appear in photographs. They are so common that it's rare to conduct a paranormal investigation and not capture at least one. With the advent of digital photography, orbs have become even more common place. Because they appear so frequently, most paranormal investigators choose not to consider them when reviewing evidence. Personally, I think this is a mistake because to conduct an honest scientific investigation; everything must be considered, whether it's explainable or not.

There are some very explainable reasons for orbs; dust, bugs, rain, light anomalies, and pixelation. But every once in a while, you get an orb that can't be explained, and it's because of these rare occasions, we must consider every orb as a possible paranormal anomaly until it can be definitively ruled out.

I personally think that orbs are legitimate paranormal phenomena, and the reason for this is simple. We all know that ghosts need energy to manifest. Sometimes, energy sources are plentiful and, at other times, almost nonexistent. If a spirit is at a low energy level, it may have the ability to manifest into a full-blown apparition. A sphere is the most energy-efficient shape in nature, and if a spirit is at a low energy level, it makes sense that a sphere would be the shape it would take. As the spirit gains energy, it may gain the ability to manifest into a more complex form, like a human form. For me, an orb is the lowest form of an apparition.

You can use a few simple tricks to rule out some of the most common causes of orbs in your photos. One is using a flashlight. Point your flashlight towards the ceiling, hold it just above your head, and look into the beam. If there's dust, you'll be able to see it in the flashlight beam. If dust is present, then it has to be considered as a cause for your orb phenomenon. Orbs storms, the anomaly where hundreds of orbs show up in a photograph, I automatically rule out. If you're outside, insects are always a consideration. An easy way to check for bugs is by using your camera flash. Surprisingly you can see the smallest insects in the flash of your camera. So when you snap a picture, don't look into your view screen; look beyond your camera into the photographing area. If rain is present, it usually looks like an upside down teardrop when captured in flash photography.

I've heard hundreds of explanations on how to tell a real spirit orb form that of dust, bugs, and other naturally occurring phenomena, but the truth is these theories are mere speculation and unproven. The best way I know of to prove that you captured a legitimate spirit orb is a preponderance of the evidence. If you have other evidence supporting a site to be haunted, then there is a good chance that you may have very well captured something, but if an orb is all you caught, you have to treat it with speculation.


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